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Server Status

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Upcoming changes

NightRiderz is gonna have in-game changes to enhance your experience in the server. It will concern custom performance parts, community events, server fixes, new cars and much more to come. Those changes will come in the upcoming weeks.

Controller Support

The game now support XBOXONE and PS4 controllers via the NR mods. Make sure to have them updated on Electron Launcher or Soapbox Race World Launcher in order to be able to use your prefered controller.

NR crew in NFS:Heat

We have a crew called "NIGHTRIDERZ" alias [NRZ!] on Need for Speed: Heat. You can ask to join the crew, at the moment the crew is full (32/32) but we regulary kick players that are inactive in the crew, you might be accepted in it from a certain moment. Just be active once you are in our crew and you'll stay in it for a long time.


If you need a help to fix game or mods issue please redirect to our Discord server, select the "need-help" channel and describe your problem and the steps you did to encounter your issue/problem and precise us what launcher you use if it concern mods, we will assist you to fix your issue.